Work & collaborate efficiently as a product team

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It's hard for product teams to work efficiently. There's multiple tools used, employees working different hours or maybe even leaving the company. We could elaborate, but you get the point. Put those problems behind you.

Visit the page, see the work behind it.

Stop trawling through design tools and documentation. Visit any page of your product and Wippy gives you what you need. See a list of features released on the current page and who worked on it. Don't worry, it's explained why that change was made and we provide the relevant links.

Feature image showcasing Wippy showing a feature documentation

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Spend minutes to save hours.

Once a new feature has been released, simply visit the page and add it to Wippy. We know this is an extra step to your flow, but it can help you save time in the long run. New starters now have instant context to any feature they work on.

Feature image showcasing Wippy showing a feature documentation

Documenting Features

Consistency is key while collaborating efficiently as possible. Document features using your teams template, save time for everybody and stop explaining the meaning behind your work.

User Insights Library

We're all building products for people, it's important we know what our users want. Store everything you know about your users and link to insights directly within your projects.

Design Debt Tracking

Releasing features as MVP's can sometimes mean the final product doesn't match the design specs. Use Wippy to manage all of your design debt and get your live product looking how it should.